California-based Yarnboming artists Jill and Lorna Watt of Knits For Life (previously featured here) recently transformed a pair of unassuming benches near the San Francisco Ferry Building into adorably ferocious monsters, complete with six awesome orange feet. The irrepressibly inventive sisters created this delightful yarn installation for an upcoming episode of CCTV America’s new show Full Frame.

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Here’s the link for more information about the PS244 fundraising campaign

Here’s the link to the GIVE IT ALL TO ME Library Collection at OutofPrintClothing.com.

Check it out! The good folks dropped me a line about this project last week, and I’m happy to boost for Library Week.

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So hey, #education…

I love these.  Love them.  And for a great cause.

Ongoing TFA saga

Today I had a meeting with my MTLD, advisor like person who is actually younger than me. I told her that while I believe in helping to solve education inequality I don’t believe that TFA is accomplishing that goal because of the way it is set up. I told her that instead of sending inexperienced teachers into a failing school they should be providing these schools with resources they desperately need and not putting pressure on first year teachers to solve all the problems with education. I also told her that I don’t intend to be associated with the organization for very long. She asked me what this year of struggle has taught me. And I told her that it makes want to be a teacher even more. Because that’s why I did this. But she made it seem like I was weird and in the minority. She somehow got the impression that I was in this for the wrong reasons. Which I’m not sure what those would be or how she could think that. I knew it would be hard, but I didn’t know that I would have to fight an organization that is supposed to be supporting me to do just that. I knew that my working conditions wouldn’t be great. And I would’ve been able to deal with it because of the joy I get from teaching my kids and my work. But the pay issues and the lack of support from TFA was too much for me to handle. She said that I am strongest as a transformational changer for my students. Which I argue, is why I am there. I’m not here to further their twisted agenda of “change” and if that doesn’t make me a cookie cutter “TFA Leader” that they can collect and put on their shelf, I am so okay with that.

If TFA were merely a program designed to train and recruit new temporary teachers, it might be defensible—even if it hardly represents a comprehensive solution to the problems in our schools. The real problem is that TFA has fed into a larger, corporate-driven education movement that has worked to privatize education, pulling resources out of neighborhood schools and abandoning the kids most in need of quality public instruction.
Opinion: Has Teach for America reached its Waterloo?: Pittsburgh’s decision to cancel its TFA contract demonstrates the power of democratically-elected school boards (via positivelypersistentteach)